Fit Men Cook Book

Fit Men Cook Book
$3 USD

Our bodies are built in the kitchen BUT sculpted in the gym. Diet is so important to health and fitness and being an all around fit person but who has the time for it right? There is not enough cardio in the world that can melt the fat of your body if your diet isn’t in check. But this doesn’t mean you have to eat chicken and broccoli all day or never go out. The Fit Men Cook Book allows you to eat healthy delicious meals while losing weight, it tracks all your calories allowing you to stick to you carbs, protein and fats while providing you with tasty recipes.

The best part about the Fit Men Cook Book App is that it is designed for the average joe, one that works 40 hrs a week, its designed so you cook the bulk of your meals in a few days and allows you not to spend your days in the kitchen! This athletes cookbook even makes a personalized shopping list on your iphone, apple iwatch or ipad based on the recipes you love!

Shed the fat and start doing it right with this app!

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