Selfie Stick Pro 2-In-1

Selfie Stick Pro 2-In-1
$18 USD

No longer limited to having to hold the smartphone out at arms length in front of you to take awkward selfies, you can now take more formal pictures even when you’re by yourself, bringing much more possibilities and angled takes to spice up your personal pictorial collection.

The monopod features bluetooth connectivity with your phone for wireless photo capture. It is Bluetooth 3.0 complaint with range upto 20ft. The monopod arm can extend upto a total length of around 3.5 feet and when not in use compresses to less than 1 feet in length. Two adjustable phone holders, one small and other larger can accommodate most of now-a-days smart phones. The orange rubber pad cushions your phone as well as protects your phone from scratches. It has a built-in battery that charges in about a hour time, with auto turn off after charging. A small LED indicator lets you know the status, blue LED blinks implies pairing automatically to last connected phone. Red LED glows up while in charge.

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