Elago S6 Slimfit2 iPhone 6 Case

Elago S6 Slimfit2 iPhone 6 Case
$11 USD

The elago S6 Slim Fit 2 case is the go-to case for a classic look. Solid colored cases give your iPhone 6 a splash of color; not too much, but enough to catch the eye. Resin has been the added change in construction of the Slim Fit 2 to give it more flexibility and durability. Clothe your iPhone 6 with your own flare by using the elago Slim Fit 2!

Complete access to all buttons and ports on your iPhone 6; Lightning adapter and cable can be used without removing the case. Anti-Ghost camera cutout optimizes camera usage and stops known negative camera phenomena from occurring.

Different color options allow you to match your iPhone with your wardrobe, favorite team’s color, or even your personality! You dress yourself with your personal style; dress your iPhone up too! A slick gift under $20 for any apple lover who can’t go without their Iphone 6!

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